Teaching Materials

In this section you will find some notes, teaching materials and summaries of papers that I prepared for courses and reading groups. The documents-some of them in spanish-are somewhat old and may contain errors-all of them mine-.


  • These are lecture notes from a Macroeconomics course of the Pre-M.A. in Economics Summer School, UTDT 2011 (in spanish).

  • The following lecture notes are from an introductory Macro course I taught at NYU in the summer of 2015.

  1. Math Review​

  2. Intro to Economics and Macroeconomics

  3. Consumer Theory

  4. Firms and Competitive Markets

  5. Labor, Production and Consumption

  6. Behavior of Households with Markets for Commodities and Credit

  7. Investment

  8. The Public Sector

  • In this paper I replicate (and simply extend) "Unemployment Fluctuations with Staggered Nash Wage Bargaining", by Mark Gertler and Antonella Trigari (JPE 2009), for the course Advanced Macro I (Gertler, NYU Fall 2012).

  • Here are some slides on fiscal policy (Ricardian equivalence, Tax Smoothing, etc.) I prepared for a Macro course of the Masters in Public Policy (Prof. Pablo Guidotti), UTDT 2009 (in spanish).

  • Two random notes: (i) on precautionary savings and mean preserving spreads and (ii) on the endogenous grid method.


  • These are lecture notes from a course on Economic Growth co-written with Prof. Emilio Espino; UTDT 2010 and 2011 (in spanish). They include some Matlab codes.

  • And here are some slides prepared for the same course:

  1. Introduction​

  2. Solow

  3. Technology and Solow Residuals

  4. Poverty

  5. My undergraduate thesis

Monetary Economics

  • These are lecture notes on the search-theoretic approach to monetary economics (in spanish), UTDT 2010.

  • These slides (in spanish) were prepared for a recitation on monetary policy, with discussions on the models of Barro-Gordon ("A Positive Theory of Monetary Policy in a Natural Rate Model," JPE 1983) and Calvo ("Servicing the Public Debt: The Role of Expectations," AER 1988). Prepared for a Macro course of the Masters in Public Policy (Prof. Pablo Guidotti), UTDT 2009.

Summaries of Papers

Here are some slides and summaries of papers-in no particular order-which I prepared for presentation at some courses and reading groups (Sargent Macro Reading Group, NRET Student Theory Seminar, Macro Students Reading Group, and Reading Group on Mechanism Design) at NYU:​

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